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Joeri Torfs & Pim Ampe

Joeri Torfs has spent his career as an entrepreneur, software developer, and IT enterprise architect, building structure from chaos and regularly challenging the status quo. He is driven by knowledge and learning, and advocates freedom, self-agency, and sustainable collaboration.

Pim Ampe is a therapist with extensive experience in the mental health and welfare sector. She works in a variety of therapeutic positions, specializing in Dialectical behavioral therapy and solution focused therapy, as well as serving as a prosocial facilitator. Pim’s life purpose is to help people increase their quality of life by expanding their ability to adapt and self-manage in the face of life’s challenges.


Person to Person | Joeri Torfs Pim Ampe - € 17,99


Joeri Torfs en Pim Ampe bij Seka op de sofa

Seka op de sofa Te gast tijdens het boekevenement "Druk in Leuven" in mei 2022.

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Op boekencafe kan je nu rechtstreeks bij Joeri Torfs & Pim Ampe het nieuwste boek kopen: Person to Person . What if we could step out of the culture of blame and victimhood into a reality that gave us freedom and agency to pursue our dreams?

What if there was a way out of the isolation [lees verder]

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AuteurJoeri Torfs & Pim Ampe - 06/04/2022
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